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Audio Messages:
This section provides free Christian Audio Teachings and Bible Studies in MP3 format for allowing you to listen online or to download and save in your permanent library. New titles are added regularly so visit us often. To listen to any message just click on the title. (make sure your speakers are on)

Things God Cannot Do

The Names of Christ

God Cannot Lie • The Names of Christ: Part 1
God Cannot Abandon You The Names of Christ: Part 2
God Cannot Reject You • The Names of Christ: Part 3
God Cannot Break a Promise • The Names of Christ: Part 4
God Cannot Fail  
God Cannot Stop Loving You  

Featured Teachings

The Grace of God

Becoming Like Jesus Part 1: Into To God's Grace
The Parable of the Seed Part 2: The source of God's Grace
How We Should Give Thanks Part 3: How to Experience God's Grace
More Than a Conqueror Part 4: Grace is Based on Faith in God
Imitate the faith of the saints • Part 5: Grace is Better Than the Law
Our responsibility as Christians Part 6: Your Inheritance by Grace
Principles of Leadership and discipleship  
The Gates of Hell  
Are you a fan of Jesus  
Spiritual wisdom trumps earthly wisdom  
The presence of the Lord  
What God wants from us  
Why do Christians suffer lack  
Does God speak to us  
A Pearl of Great Value  
Supernatural Power  
The importance of Faith  
God's Benefit Package  
The things that accompany salvation  
What Christians should do when trouble comes  
Jesus is the Word of God  
Dare To Be A David